This year Midwest Door & Hardware is celebrating its 25th anniversary – a monumental accomplishment for any business and one that we’re extremely proud of. To commemorate this achievement, we sat down with the Founder and President of Midwest Door & Hardware, Dick Selig, to learn more.


Some business owners just know they want to build a business. Others discover their calling later in life. That was the case for Dick Selig at Midwest Door & Hardware.

After finishing college, he began a career with the railroad. He quickly discovered that wasn’t quite what he expected, so he headed off to Lincoln to find something new.

“I wanted a fresh start,” he explains. “I knew that Lincoln was the best place to find that opportunity.”

He spent nearly 15 years working for companies in the door and hardware industry. It was this time that he discovered the importance of customer service, how to build a strong network of industry contacts, and why a reputation for quality was crucial for success. At this time, Dick also had the chance to work on a few notable projects such as the State Penitentiary and The Lied Center in downtown Lincoln.

After witnessing the growth of his early employers, he realized he’d built up the sales experience and industry certification that could propel his own company.


Being in the door and hardware industry requires two critical success factors: experience and trust. While Midwest Door & Hardware started out as a small business, it leveraged those two critical qualities to grow and scale. And Dick says it comes down to one thing.

“We believe in treating customers right.”

Over the last 25 years, there have been hundreds of projects and people who have been involved with the company. That’s an accomplishment Dick is proud of. Customers and vendors know Dick as the face of Midwest Door & Hardware and appreciate the endless knowledge he brings to job sites.

“I wish I had time to tell you about all the fun and major projects we’ve done,” says Dick. “But that would be a long list!”

Among some of the most memorable projects at Midwest Door & Hardware are undertakings like the Nebraska Heart Hospital and the remodel and additions to the west side of Memorial Stadium.

“It’s a privilege and an honor to be involved in such monumental buildings that craft the landscape of our city,” says Dick.


The last 25 years have gone by quickly, according to Dick. When asked what his favorite part of his job has been, he doesn’t skip a beat in answering.

“Getting to know all the customers personally,” Dick explains. “Each one of the projects I’ve been a part of has turned into a trusted relationship.”

A road warrior at times, he’s even traveled to Chadron and Scottsbluff to meet with clients in the Midwest Door & Hardware North Platte location.

“One of the best parts of this company is the people,” says Dick. “We believe in face to face relationships, and that’s what sets Midwest Door & Hardware apart from others in the area. The dedicated employees here are the pivotal reason we’ve been able to have 25 years of success.”


While we’ve written about our sales and project management teams, we wanted to feature Dick Selig in a story of his own. From starting the company to sourcing orders and focusing on sales, Dick has worn every hat imaginable.As he nears retirement in the next 12 months, it’s evident that his legacy runs deep through the company veins.

In his spare time, Dick enjoys spending time on the golf course. He’s also proud of his 37-year marriage to his wife Charlene. Together they have two sons and five grandkids – keeping him plenty busy and entertained in his hours outside Midwest Door & Hardware.

Thank you Dick, for your vision, efforts, and leadership the last 25 years!