Forget the Clorox.

A new product from Trimco will revolutionize the cleanliness of businesses around the nation by fighting bacteria with hardware.

In hospitals alone, bacteria is responsible for over 103,000 infections every year. Combined with home and school acquired infections, the total number of infections hits over 2 million every year. This alone causes numerous lost work days and absenteeism. But it doesn’t stop there. The cost of treatment of those occurrences is estimated between $35 and $45 billion dollars annually and is rising.

Healthy Hardware™ now provides an aid to minimize infectious bacteria on door entries using bactericidal copper alloy surfaces.


The copper alloy is an all-natural lasting material that will not wear off over time.  The copper alloy is part of the production material so it’s not just a coating. Not only is the hardware made in the U.S.A., but it is also made of recycled materials.  Antimicrobial copper is also used in many other applications to prevent harmful infections.


Antimicrobial copper stops direct contact between the surface and the outer membrane of the bacteria. When single-celled organisms come in contact with copper, the normally stable electrical micro-current is short-circuited. These short circuits create holes in the membrane, weakening the bacteria considerably.


Forbes claimed “Copper Is The New Gold Standard For Saving Lives” and there have been several studies showing that copper alloy surfaces can help reduce the amount of bacteria. However, the product cannot replace routine cleaning; it only reduces the bacteria that builds up in-between cleaning.

Protect the surfaces in your building by installing Trimco Healthy Hardware™, but don’t forget you’ll still need to regularly clean your hardware. These products come in stainless steel and covers all types of hardware products including custom parts.

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