One of the first things your customer does when they interact with your business is walk through your front door. Your front doors have the power to enhance or undermine the overall strength and credibility of your company. The entrance to your building establishes a lasting impression in the mind of your customer. Why not take advantage of the ultimate first impression? Midwest Door & Hardware provides the solution: customized door handles and kick plates.


At Midwest Door & Hardware, we jumped at the opportunity to fine-tune our first impression. With the help of our supplier, Trimco, we previously installed new storefront pulls to our office – each bearing the logo of the company in full color. These custom door pulls provide a professional feel for customers, vendors or other visitors when entering the offices.

Trimco offers a special acid etching process called T-Etch that produces a high definition graphic with slight texturing. T-Etch is a great way to create a positive first impression that your customers will experience upon entering your workplace.

One of the greatest benefits of custom door pulls is that installation is quick and easy. In fact, the Midwest Door & Hardware sales team even installed some at our office! The sales team typically does not do installs, yet they were able to complete this task without inconveniencing anyone entering or exiting the building. This is a testament to the ease of installation!

We can also do custom shapes and sizes like this one at the iRun LOCAL store in Saratoga Spring, New York. Neat right?


When a customer exits your business, they will likely leave with a great impression based on the people, experience and service. This is an excellent time to remind them of the company name to solidify the brand and wrap up the experience. Brand name recognition upon exiting a building is now easier thanks to Trimco!

Trimco’s T-Etch process can be used to create customized protection plates, push plates, and signage.

To give our customers an idea of what this technology can do, we also had custom kick plates made for Midwest Door & Hardware.

The kick plate protects the door and adds another opportunity for brand recognition with customers. Trimco offers colored logos or etching, as shown on the Midwest Door & Hardware example.