We’re excited to announce the promotion of our long-time employee, Curt Pospisil, to the General Manager of Midwest Door and Hardware!

For over ten years, Curt has been serving our customers as a sales and project manager, providing expertise on projects of all sizes with an unparalleled dedication to providing a stellar service experience from start to finish.

Curt has always worked for our customers by ensuring the best prices, materials, and project experience – even sometimes acting as a trusted consultant for our repeat customers prior to the beginning of their next project. “Anyone can provide the products – what we sell is the experience and expertise. All of our customers should think ‘Wow, working with Midwest Door and Hardware was awesome – they really know their stuff.’”

“Anyone can provide the products – what we sell is the experience and expertise.”

He maintains close relationships with all of our vendors to stay up-to-date on hardware, the latest industry developments, and to ensure an adaptable, quick, and cost-efficient delivery for our customers’ project needs.

As General Manager, Curt builds on this service by training our team from a place of mentorship. By offering the wisdom he has developed with almost 15 years of industry experience, he grows each employee by passing on his incredible drive to improve and anticipate customer needs. As a result, our team is able to identify potential issues and to act as a true partner throughout every project. “It’s not just about improving as a company, it’s about improving constantly as individuals.”

Thank you, Curt! We’re proud to have you leading our team.