As students are heading back to school, making sure they are safe is at the top of everyone’s priority list.

Administrators and facility managers across the country seek out new ways to better secure their schools and protect their students. In turn, companies are being asked to present the most robust and forward-thinking technologies available to meet these demands.

While some technologies can be shared across all schools, several solutions are specific to the type of building, location and use of a campus.

But not every solution is what it seems. Let’s address a couple of common issues and why schools may need better door or hardware solutions in these areas.

Move Beyond Secondary-Locking Devices

The market has become inundated with secondary-locking devices that make things much more dangerous for students and don’t provide much in the way of actual security.

These devices come in the form of wedges, bars, or additional latches of some type that look to jam a door in place. In doing so, they also violate fire and safety codes. Fire marshals will not sign off on these types of devices — and if they won’t take on that liability, then neither should a school district.

In this scenario, the correct solution is to deploy a complete opening – including the door, frame, and door hardware – that complies with local standards recommended by security professionals.

ASSA ABLOY’s Attack Resistant Opening product line – made of hollow metal construction and extremely resistant glass inserts – are technologically sound and have been tested and certified to withstand the most brutal attempts at intrusion for over 4 minutes. This 4 minutes is essential as it give occupants enough time to stay safe until first responders arrive.

Strengthen the Security of Your Front Entrance

Consider the following scenario:

One parent, on campus to enroll their child for the upcoming school year, walked briskly through a door left slightly ajar by working painters and walked hurriedly past a faculty member. Once the parent realized they didn’t know where to go, they slowed, turned and asked for directions.

But had the parent wanted to, they could have gone to any part of the school after walking through the front door.

That’s the kind of unfettered access schools should try to prevent. A solution for this is installing front door security or vestibule upgrades. This would involve constructing a second set of doors right after the first set to steer visitors to a front office or reception area. There, visitors can be checked in before they are released into the school.

Working with Midwest Door & Hardware to Make These Upgrades

Because school security is one of the greatest responsibilities facing administrators, teachers and community leaders today, many door and hardware manufacturers have designed products to address these concerns.

As a Shelter BEST Manufacturer and installer, we can help bring peace of mind to your school. There are multiple solutions you could install in your building, which you can read about in a similar article here.

Watch A Demo of Shelter Emergency Lockdown

With incidents rising at an alarming rate, schools have become one of the highest at-risk environments for live shooters and violence. Many schools are choosing to explore the Shelter Emergency Lockdown system or a similar system for maximum safety.

Features of this system include:

  • Lock down every door throughout your building with the click of a button
  • Emergency first responders alerted at the click of a button
  • Customizable and compatible with any combinations of locks and doors
  • Affordable technology at a third of the cost of traditional access control

Putting These Recommendations into Motion

If you’re ready to make any of the updates listed above, or have questions or want to talk to one of our project managers about your building, give us a call at (402) 464-6348. Learn more about our security product and service offerings on our website.