Midwest Door & Hardware was founded on valuing the customers’ needs by providing superior products, on-time delivery, and best in the industry services.

After many great years under the leadership of Dick Selig, Midwest Door & Hardware named Tim Silknitter President in August, 2017. Tim oversees daily operations while pursuing growth opportunities. Tim has over 20 years of industry experience and a personal interest in ensuring the company’s success.

We sat down with Tim to ask him a few questions so you could get to know him a little bit better.

Midwest Door & Hardware was the right fit!

Why Midwest Door & Hardware?

TS: Because it feels like home. Dick Selig originally gave me an opportunity to come on board at Midwest Door and Hardware over 20 years ago as a project manager. In the first four years of my career here, I knew I was hooked. Every day is a challenge to ensure our team thoroughly and accurately provides what is needed to meet the building codes and owner or architect requirements within the contractors’ timeframe.

From there I worked for a competitor for several more years. But, I found myself wanting to work more closely with architects. As an Architectural Hardware Consultant, I was able to develop specifications for the opening industry.  For over 10 years, I worked for a large international door and hardware manufacturer in various roles, which always provided me with new experiences and rewarding challenges.

When the opportunity for me to come back to where it all started, and continue the success of what Dick Selig and Duane Bailey created at Midwest Door and Hardware, it was a no-brainer!

What is your favorite part of working at Midwest Door & Hardware?

TS: The team. We have the most amazing group of folks that work hard and always to put the customers’ needs first. They continue to amaze me with what they can accomplish as a team. They also take a personal interest in their roles and responsibilities. It is truly a pleasure to work with this talented team.

What do you like about this industry?

TS: Every day is a new challenge, we provide products that are used daily by people interacting with a building. The door greets you and the door handle is the handshake of the building. Both must work flawlessly to ensure life-safety and security needs are met.

When we have a client that requests something unique or challenging, we step up to the plate to meet their challenge. Whether it’s a tight deadline or a complicated opening that requires an automatic opener with card access tied into the building’s control systems, the components we provide at the opening must work flawlessly with the other trades and building systems.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

TS: Training and mentoring others. There are always moments for mentoring. It’s very rewarding seeing someone who wants to achieve more develop their skill-set or transition into a new position. I believe people want to do their very best every day and want to be challenged. It’s what motivates us. If a team member struggles with a task or concept, they know with support, perseverance, and dedication they can find their footing and will soon be striding effortlessly.

In our industry, a lot of components need to come together for the project to run smoothly. You might have 15 different products from various manufacturers, and lead times from a week to 10 weeks, all in one job. We need to coordinate and template these technical components for a complete and accurate installation. This demands a great attention to detail and accuracy. If we can better train our staff, create better processes and efficiencies, all while providing the best price and on-time delivery to our clients, we will succeed and grow our business.

What makes you good at your job?

TS: I enjoy assessing challenges, or what I call opportunities, and then implementing new processes and efficiencies to achieve a better result. It’s in the daily tasks that a company can become more efficient, which in turn provides better profits and better results for the client.

What are some of your daily task?

TS: Some of the main tasks I perform are ensuring our sales and profitability meet our goals and implementing new opportunities to generate more revenue. We were built on strong principles to be the best, on-time, supplier in our market with competitive prices. Our goal is to grow that foundation and include other components that complement our daily business while providing our clients with more services and better prices.

What’s your education background?

TS: I graduated in 1995 from The University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies. Naturally, after receiving my degree I worked at a few architectural firms; I was fortunate to have some great mentors at the firms. This provided me a mindset and respect for attention to details, and the importance of written and verbal communication to accomplish the built environment.

Do you have any secret talents or special skills?

TS: I’m a big DIYer. Whether it’s building a deck, landscaping, or renovating a kitchen, I enjoy creating great spaces with comfort in mind. I also consider myself an avid barbeque smoker, I’ve been to numerous classes and countless hours of practice with my three smokers. It’s rewarding to put hours, and sometimes days, into preparing a dish and sharing it with others. I am hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like a smoked dish, whether it’s pizza, ribs, salmon or a casserole, it adds another complexity of flavor.

Tell us about your family?

TS: I’m extremely fortunate to be married to a very patient and supportive wife of 17 years, Anne. We have two witty and intelligent teenagers: Kate (17) who’s politically savvy beyond my years (she makes me feel like Archie Bunker), and Colton (15) who wants to be a physicist (I hope I spelled that right). We regularly eat dinner together to share our day with one another, and we love camping or being at the lake on the weekends.

What do you do for fun?

TS: Summer is our go-to season for fun. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love setting up a fireworks show and choreographing it for family, friends, and neighbors. Some might even call it an obsession, but seriously can you ever have too many fireworks?

Anne and I enjoy getting away for a ride on our motorcycle on a beautiful spring or fall day or working in the yard. And of course, tailgating on Husker game days!!

Have you always lived in Nebraska?

TS: Pretty much, I was born a Husker. Our family has lived in Olathe, Kansas, and Houston, Texas. Texas could certainly be my second home, there’s nothing better than Texas Pit Fired Brisket and southern hospitality, I do love Texan values.

Describe yourself in three words.

TS: Driven. Opportunist. Detailed.

What’s next at Midwest Door & Hardware?

Our business is built on relationships and service, but many times price is the initial factor. Our focus is to earn the trust of clients by first being competitively priced while ensuring we provide on-time, quality products, and exceptional services.

With Tim’s large global corporation experience, we will implement some of those principles to grow organically in our current markets and develop new services for increased revenue. We will continue to build a brand that places us as the preferred vendor of commercial opening solutions.

Currently, Midwest Door & Hardware is in a growth stage. The next phases of business are built on changing how we approach our market segments. One of which is contract project management as it relates to estimating and detailing, the core of our business. We’ll also be implementing new tools and resources to expedite orders we receive. We will continue to grow our installation and service team as this has been very receptive in our market.

Assessing and reorganizing our approach to our business will allow for future growth opportunities. We also recognize our clients’ desire for more services and a complete package from our company. We will embrace this trend and master our core business segments.

See you soon!

Now that you’ve gotten to know Tim a little bit better, our team can’t wait to help you with your next project. Stop into the office and ask Tim and his team members about their latest recipe or how the upcoming Husker season looks.

Don’t forget to give us a call, (402) 464-6348 for any of your door and hardware needs.