Location: Dismas Charities, Omaha, NE

Project Size:  Approximately 16,000 square feet

Products and Services:

Several years ago, Midwest Door & Hardware worked on a project for Dismas Charities in Kearney, Nebraska. They recently began work to open a similar facility in Omaha, and when the project started, the contractor requested that Midwest Door & Hardware again supply the materials for the site.

Dismas Charities is a transitional center for former prison inmates and their main priority throughout the project was client safety and security. We were glad to help them accomplish this goal through the correct hardware, locks, and doors for their facility.

As a part of this project, Midwest Door & Hardware provided a wide range of products and services for Dismas, from door hardware and frames to wood and hollow metal doors, focusing on achieving a high level of security. Dismas also needed openings for the facility’s storm shelter and we provided FEMA-rated openings for greater protection and safety. 

In addition to the doors and hardware, all locksets on the project were keyed by Midwest Door & Hardware to ensure a consistent and safe experience. We also supplied all the toilet partitions and accessories.

The entire project went smoothly and challenges were minimal, due in part to the work we had done with the contractor on the Dismas site in Kearney and the relationship built between their team and our project managers. Those good relationships were a great asset when it came to this project and we were excited with the results.

The project was a success—completed on time and within budget.

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